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Master your mind & body

With my personalized training for your own fitness level to become stronger & more confident

I see & hear You

I know how hard it can be to make that first move when everything hurts, or when you haven’t trained for ages, and your inner dialog is nothing but negativity. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there.

That’s why I created BodySensei®. A personalized training program that will increase your overall wellbeing, help you change the way you do exercise, help you feel better, get stronger, and most of all: master your mind & body.

This program was designed to train you on your own fitness level, so you can become a better version of yourself. Every class will be different, but will always follow your current mood, energy level, and overall goals.

Trust the process and have fun!

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My Services

My unique personalized fitness programs help people of any age who want to be strong, healthy, and injury-free.
If you want to get to the next level with your fitness I am here for you.

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In-Person Training

Personalized programs with whatever equipment is available. Let’s work out together and I’ll be by your side to meet your fitness goals. Available in NYC and Philadelphia.

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Online Training

I’ll offer dedicated, real-time, or on-demand, personalized exercises, and motivation. Stay safe during COVID-19!


Group Classes

Weekly classes at Equinox and on-demand. Train with others and motivate each other to be your best! 

Meet Andy

Meet Andy Grant, a former amateur heavy-boxer turned into a personal fitness trainer and coach. Recovering from a serius injury transformed the way he looked at his own body and what it meant to train one’s mindset when it comes to feeling better every day.

After he helped his grandmother with her injury he realized that the best way to help people in their recovery journey is empathy, to be present, provide personalized training, and true compassion. His goal is to spread the idea of his brand, BodySensei® which is meant to train people to master their own minds & body, while he is constantly training himself to become a role model for those he is helping.

"Andy is professional, patient, and understanding. He won't waste any second during the training session. Also, his encouragement has given me the confidence. Definitely recommend to others."

Eric G.

"I have been training with Andy for 2+ years. He’s the best trainer I’ve ever worked out with, but most importantly he always makes every session new, different, and challenging *while* being extremely thoughtful with body mechanics and prevention of injuries (past or present). Training with Andy isn’t about just lifting weights, but focusing on using bodyweight, flexibility, high intensity, and core training. Working out with Andy has changed my life in that I feel better and now am more self-aware of my body (back, core, neck + shoulders) and general wellness. On top of all that, Andy is the most enthusiastic and welcoming person I know and makes every session feel like a win. He has become a friend over these past few years and would strongly recommend him to anyone.."

Roger Y.

"Andy has trained our family for  6 years. There is no one who is better, more thoughtful, knowledgeable, and honest as a trainer. No two classes are ever the same,  he pays strict attention to detail, counts repetitions out loud, and varies all the functional workouts so that you are exercising two or three body parts at once while maintaining flexibility and strength, and balance. He is always on time, remembers the capabilities of each person. Always in good spirits, never wastes a minute. As a doctor, I am well aware of the perils of poor training and hazards of injury and am completely confident that Andy's goals for our family will not result in any untoward results. We have seen improvement in our balance, strength, and stamina while working with him. I would recommend him for any member of a family and for any age group."

Dr. Elliot & Barbara W.

"Andy is the best trainer I've ever had! He is always radiant, energetic, and positive! Very professional and always personalize the exercises to my current condition. Andy is an amazing boxer, so I asked him to mix some boxing in my program, which was fantastic! I have become a stronger person both physically (can do 3 times as many planks as I started with) and mentally during the short two months, I trained with him. Andy is a particularly effective motivator, he not only helped me to train physically but also helped me to become more energetic, disciplined, and positive in my daily life. Big thank you to Andy! "

Joy Z.

"Andy is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with! Other trainers, I've worked with just caused me injuries. But with Andy, he knows exactly what he is doing and he is very smart and well informed with the body. I have trained with him postpartum and during my pregnancy. He helps me with body/muscle pains and helps me with PROPER techniques with stretching. He doesn't pressure you to do these exercises. He observes and evaluates what your body needs and takes it from there. Most trainers are just repetitive while Andy wants to ensure your body is moving correctly and efficiently. I highly recommend him. Very inspirational!"

Jolene R.

Love of Art

One thing that many people don’t know about Andy is his love of art.
His personal expression through painting is now available to you.

*Sizes listed are length x width.

Surfing Wave 1

Square 48 x 48 inches*

Golden Woman 2

Portrait 48 x 36 inches*

Surfing Wave 2

Square 48 x 48 inches*